Alvaa Da'vanti

These five products are all you need for a lighter, healthier more radiant complexion. We use the finest ingredients available to create this outstanding range of skin care sensations.
Skin whitening cream
Our premium day cream is a unique formulation that includes the amazing ?-White compound supported by natural oils, fruit enzymes and vitamins designed to promote skin brightening and an overall even facial skin tone in just 4 weeks.
?-white serum
This is a highly concentrated skin lighting serum formulated to brighten and even out the skin tone by targeting areas of darker pigmentation such as age spots. ?-White Serum is enriched with a cutting edge proprietary compound that has been clinically proven to induce skin whitening after 1 to 2 months of application.
pH Balance toner
Our pH Balance Toner promotes a clear and bright complexion by stimulating cell renewal and regeneration.
Your skin's normal acid pH balance helps provide a natural protective mantle. As you are exposed to harsh environmental elements that damage this protective mantle your skin is left vulnerable to environmental pollutants, bacteria and over-active oil secretion. These factors result in uneven skin tones, spots of hyper-pigmentation, wrinkles and acne. The pH Balance Toner helps restore the skins natural acid mantle thus promoting a bright healthy glowing skin.
Radiant mask
This luxuriant hydrating mask is enriched with probiotics and natural plant extracts that will stimulate the skin's regeneration and growth processes, which is important for countering the effects of aging.

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