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My name is Debra M Bright, aka AbracaDEBRA, Goddess of Bliss, the Awakener.
I am a Reader & Energy, Emotional Clearer, meaning I work on the deeper emotional energy area of the body to help Clear & realign you within of your upsets, pains, sickness, dramas, anxiety, stresses, depression, attack, bullying, abuse, trauma, anger, curses, hereditary problems, any issues or sabotages to success, happiness & bliss that you have, Cleared away...

I am doing my procedures at the MBS Expo, so any issues that you have that your not happy with, come & let me work my magic to improve your life.

You may have seen me on TV or Radio, I am a World Clearer, Speaker, Author & Teacher of my Spiritual Energy Empower &
Happiness Workshop & my 3 Levels of Body Attunement Trainings & Past Life, Colour Therapy, Space & Entity Clearing Workshops.
Let me know if you'd like to attend & learn & get the secret wisdom - we cant see energy but can sure feel it & it's now PowerUp time for current healers.

Psychic Destiny Readings

Daily Chakra Clearing.

Everyone in the world needs My Essential Love Heart Clearing, as we have all been taught to hold in our upsets & pains & they don't just disappear, they can reattract more pain to you, block the Heart energy area & manifest into physical health issues in this area, which is very prevalent now with record no's of people dealing with heart attacks, breast cancer, depression and sabotage of receiving love in life, happy relationships, soulmates, depression etc. 1xLove Heart Clearing changes your life straight away, I take Before & After photos.
Are you ready for your Essential Heart Clearing to get you off the ongoing emotional baggage misery loop?

I have Clearings to help with Anxiety Stress, Uplift Depression, Abundance, Self Confidence, Success, Clear Anger, Negative Thoughts & Memories, Abuse Trauma, Get UnStuck, Get Rich, Get Your Soulmate, Stop Smoking & lots more.
My 8x USB Clearing Survival pack is also avail.

I also Clear with Remote Sessions wherever you are, Clear Animals, House/Space Clearings & more..

I have been Nominated Aust of Year twice for successes in changing & saving lives.
It's not about talking about anymore, for results & change we now all need Clearing Action!
No need to struggle anymore, life is meant to be easy!
Come & have your Clearing & feel awesome!

Be 5D Ready.
I'll also be doing my
Exclusive 5D Initiation Clearing Transmission to have you Clear & Ready for the Higher Dimensional 5D Shift.
For the Crown & 3rd Eye Spiritual Opening, Heart Unconditional Love Opening, Relationships Ease, Abundance Alignment, Empowerment & Peace, Calm, Happiness Alignment.
In a group 7-12 people at 1pm, Don't miss receiving this powerful Initiation for Ascension. Book Now as Limited Spaces.

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Love, Light, Abundance & Bliss

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