Psychic Inroads - Michael and Janine

Works in the areas of Tarot, Cards, Reiki Master energy healing and balance as an experienced Practitioner life's path has taken him in this direction.
The psychic and mystic skills passed down through past life experience is a calling and meant to be., a reading from Michael will help with your choices.

Combining her Psychic Ability with her knowledge of Hand Analysis, Janine's Palmistry Readings are truly motivating and informative. Be rewarded with uplifting and new discoveries about yourself.

Janine will help uncover your true potential in life and give you more insight into your personality, career path, relationships, health and innate creative talents.

Janine brings humour, empathy and spiritual guidance to all her readings.
Janine is also a professional Tarot Reader who also uses Angel and Oracle cards to give you confidence and direction to move forward positively in life.

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