The inspiration for the Medicine Woman comes from Sunita’s deep connection to healing; whether it is from Spirit, Mother Earth or the Elements. She uses her powerful intuitive ability and metaphysical gifts to connect to the medicine your soul seeks. Resulting in embodied and transformative growth.

Sunita works with people from all works of life helping them to make changes where they seek transformation. She is a Medium, Psychic, Mindset Coach, a Yogi and End of Life Doula. She works with people and animals in her healing work as well.

Her work is either in groups or 1-1 in readings, workshops or coaching groups. A typical event wth Sunita can be to develop your intuition, experience spiritual healing, celebrate the magic of the elements in Moon Circle or to release old programming and trauma through coaching. Everything involves embodiment and helping you connect to your power.

Catch her Mediumship Demonstration Sunday 4.15pm on The Podium stage.

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Looking for clarity? We all need it. Book an online Numerology reading with Sunita and get 10% off. This reading will cover your full predictive numerology chart: core numbers, challenges, cycles, karmic debts and influences and potentials for you.

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  • Online or by phone readings. To be used by June 30th 2021
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Whether you are struggling with anxiety, feeling scattered or stressed. Sunita's essential oil blends and room sprays have been made with the highest spiritual intention and are for all 7 Chakra areas, Healing, Meditation.

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  • Until the last day of the Expo for all attendees of the Expo
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