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Kiero Raphael


Intuitive Life Coach Kiero Raphael specialises in shifting major life blocks to help those who know they are capable of more, break through the barriers that keep them playing small.

What started off as a childhood innate knowing, has turned into his calling. As a child, he could “feel” when things were wrong and was known for making statements to teachers and adults that solved problems he knew nothing about.

Lidia Tinelli


Lidia Tinelli, mum to young daughters Chloii and Kaleesi, has quickly become one of Perth’s most sought after fashion and lifestyle influencers – by gaining over 14K Instagram followers to Ilidialove in less than ten months.

Now in her thirties, Lidia is combining motherhood and her online passion as a Social Media Influencer, through blogging, TV presenting, hosting and MC duties.

Stephanie Sherlock


Stephanie will be speaking about the current movement towards professional-grade beauty products for at-home use. She will be discussing the effect this shift has had upon the traditional cosmetic market and what cosmetic companies are now doing to bring premium-quality products to this rising market of home-bodied consumers.

Kylie Wolfig


Kylie Wolfig is the author of 4 books about thyroid disease and the founder of Thyroid School, an online education platform encouraging other women to change their Thyroid Story.

Kylie has Thyroid Disease herself and became a naturopath to help change her own story. She will share why it’s the little things that make the big difference when it comes to feeling well.

Genevieve Burke


Genevieve once had a dream, where women gathered around a table of flowers and created beauty. Not only in the crowns that they had prepared, but in the relationships they forged, their connection to nature, and the empowerment they felt after expressing a part of themselves in their creations. This dream soon came true and Genevieve now organises flower crown workshops for parties and events, allowing her to share her passion and creativity with the community.